F3N Freestyle Music files – very important

By | 2017-07-08

All F3N TEAM MANAGERS are warmly asked to send to the Organizers music files for Music Freestyle Rounds of theirs teams competitors.

We ask all F3N Team Managers to send
these files to the Organizers, as quickly as possible, using emails: lp.71154015837702shc1540158377w-ile1540158377hcr@i1540158377lehcr1540158377 and  lp.e1540158377moh.n1540158377anzop1540158377@kain1540158377imod.1540158377keram1540158377.
2.  Please do use format:  999_XXX_FAMILYNAME_name_17_wchs_f3n_music_prel.mp3 or  999_XXX_FAMILYNAME_name_17_wchs_f3n_music_flyoff.mp3  for each of Your F3N competitors.
999    – Competitore’s No.
XXX  – National Identification Mark

3.  We ask TEAM MANAGERS to send these files for all Team Competitors via one email.
4.  You can find the Contest Numbers of Your F3N competitors in the folder FOR COMPETITORS/ENTRIES.
5.  If problem please contact directly to Sports Director using email   lp.e1540158377moh.n1540158377anzop1540158377@kain1540158377imod.1540158377keram1540158377.